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Inka’s World


Inka’s World offers hand-made products that represent the work of over 300 native artisan families from Otavalo, a small town nestled at 9,000 feet in Ecuador’s high mountain Andes.  Families produce arts and crafts naturally being aware amd taking care of the resources used. “Otavaleños” are world famous for their wool, hand-weaved textiles, knitted clothing, leather goods, and native jewelry. Inka’s world is a Fair Trade company that offers ethnic goods to Canadians. Inka’s World offers one-of-a-kind high-quality hand-made goods at prices that are fair for both his people and the consumer.

Blue Bug - Vendor at Tsawwassen Quay Market

Blue Bug


Cell phone cases in a variety of styles and colours, power solutions, chargers, ear buds, gadgets and more accessories.